White Island 2012

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[Waihi Goldmine] [huge Truck] [old Pumphouse at Goldmine] [Whakatane Harbour]

[reaching White Island] [Crater streaming] [disembark] [Volcano Landscape]

[Sulphur Blowhole] [steaming Rocks] [so yellow] [close to the Cater Lake]

[Volcano Visitor Tour] [Steam Emission] [Heli landing on Volcano] [White Island Crater]

[boiling Mud] [destroyed Sulphur Plant] [leaving White Island] [Grassland near Opotiki]

[natural Walk Trail] [old Bridge across Waioeka] [Waioeka Gorge] [beautiful Timber Structure]

[to old to use] [Stockcar] [Racing Weekend] [Gisborne Harbour]

[Stacks of Wood] [Captain Cook discover NZL at Kaiti Beach] [Wainui Beach] [perfect Sediment Discharge]

[really a perfect Beach]

All pictures © Gerhard Ortner

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