About TIA:

There have been published zillions of articles all over the world about The Sugarcubes and Björk. With TIA we are offering you at least the tip of the iceberg of the most  brilliant  :-)  articles about the Icelandic way of life plus the real pictures.
This is a fanzite with no commercial interest and the articles are published without permission - so please buy the mags if you can get them!
Comments, articles and pictures are welcome!

Julia and Matts

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Sven Derksen, sl169de@unidui.uni-duisburg.de: scans, ocr, html

Matts Henning, matts.henning@abc.se: logos, lots of scans, typing, ocr, html

Gerhard Ortner, ortner@ibab.tuwien.ac.at: disk space!

Julia Wunner, julia@wunner.de: scans, ocr, html, design, typing, cgi

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