New South Wales 2015

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[Hourse Country] [Grassland] [Hunter Valley] [Rodeo Weekend]

[Rodeo Idyll] [Ebar Falls] [Mist] [Lower Falls]

[Countryside] [Waterfall Way] [Walkway to Never Never Falls] [Never Never Falls]

[Water Curtain] [Tropical Forrest] [Arrawarra Campground] [Roos all around]

[Breakfast] [Morning Sports] [reached the Goldcoast] [Beaches everywhere]

[near Lennox Head] [Breakers all around] [Byron Bay Coastline] [of course Beaches]

[Byron Bay Lighthouse] [some Saurian] [most Eastern Point of Mainland Australia] [Hasting Point]

[south of Tweed Heads] [Surfers Paradise skyline] [Outlook from Tweed Heads] [Mermaid Beach]

[Downtown Lifegard] [Skyscrapers near the Beach] [empty but closed] [Cylone Warning]

[Caloundra - Sunshinecoast]

All pictures © Gerhard Ortner

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