Whatuwhiwhi and Cape Reinga 2012

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[Wicked Campers] [Kerikeri] [Oldest Stonehouse in NZL] [Whangaroa Harbour]

[Karikari Peninsula ] [Matai Bay] [empty Beach] [Whatuwhiwhi Cabin Deck]

[crowed Road] [Sheep Dog at work] [Sheep Trail] [Cape Reinga]

[Cape Reinga Lighthouse] [the real Cape] [Cape Maria van Diemen] [lonely Beaches]

[where Oceans meet] [Hiking Track] [Sand Surfing] [Board Hire]

[huges Dunes] [Carpark from the Top] [Delta surrounded by Dunes] [climbing the Dunes]

[drying Gumboots] [direct Beach Access] [driving on 90 Miles Beach] [Time for dinner]

[another Bay] [Sheepland] [among Farms] [Waiho River]

[Coast near Omapere] [more Beaches] [Dunes meet the Sea]

All pictures © Gerhard Ortner

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