Brisbane 2015

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[Glass House Mountains] [old Vulcanos] [beautiful green Landscape] [Redcliff Jetty]

[Redcliff Esplanade] [relaxed Lunch in Brisbane] [to many choices] [Rover around Botanic Garden]

[St. John's Cathedray] [Warning 10.000 Wild Women] [River Boats] [Old Windmill]

[Inside Botanic Garden] [Brisbane River] [University Campus] [The South Bank]

[Victory Bridge looking Downtown] [Public Pool at the South Bank] [modern Park Design] [several ways to go]

[River Skyline] [Skycrapers] [under Story Bridge] [in Case of ...]

[huge Fig Tree] [Story Bridge] [Admiralty Tower 2 Park] [Cathedral Square]

All pictures © Gerhard Ortner

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