Blue Mountains and Sydney 2015

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[3 Sisters Skyrail] [Forrests everywhere] [Tropical Walkway] [3 Sisters]

[Canyon] [Wentworth Falls] [Wentworth Falls Closeup]

[Green Valley] [Undercliff Trail] [Norrow] [Wentworth Falls Edge]

[Exposed] [Upper Wentworth Falls] [Orientation] [Mainly]

[Sydney Skyline] [City center] [Sydney Opera House] [Sydney Harbour]

[Goveners House] [Goveners House Garden View] [Inside Goveners House] [Goveners House Park]

[Nice garden] [Botanic Garden Kakadu] [Circular Quay] [Harbour Bridge]

[Old Goveners House Ground] [Cyling Habour Bridge]

[Men and Beer] [Darling Harbour] [Cruise Liner Turning] [Thunderstorm at Harbour Bridge]

[Leaving Sydney to the Pacific]

All pictures © Gerhard Ortner

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