Bay of Islands 2012

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[Orewa] [Auckland across the Sea] [at the Beach] [Whangaparaoa Bay]

[Shakespear Regional Park] [Green Hills] [Pest Fence] [Boat Tractor]

[Figtrees at Martins Bay] [Tawharanui Regions Park] [Fisherman Track] [Maori Bay]

[Natural Carpet] [Jungle] [Mangawhai Heads] [Surfing]

[Whangarei Falls] [Virgin Forest] [Whangarei Heads] [Ocean Beach]

[along the Coast] [Russell Figtree] [Russell] [NZL oldest Church]

[Sailing Boat] [Boat Power] [living in the Bay] [Hole in the Rock]

[Sea Gull Rock] [Hole in the Island] [Lunchtime in the Bay of Islands] [Bay of Islands]

[cooling down] [swiming Heliport] [sailing]

All pictures © Gerhard Ortner

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